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You shouldn`t be afraid of some unwanted programs installed intro your device because we take your safety quite serious and we can say to you that our latest Imvu Credit Adder v10.1.4 VIP is secured. We added an awesome proxy feature that enables the hack to automatically choose any proxies from our list of daily updated proxies and we know that you guis will enjoy that protection. We also added an anti ban feature to our Imvu Credit Adder v10.1.4 VIP which masks your ip when you connect you hack to the game. This Imvu Credit Adder v10.1.4 VIP is available for both Android and iOS devices but is also good on any other devices outthere that can acces Imvu.
Safe 100%
To use Imvu Credit Adder v10.1.4 VIP you will first need to download the software from the download button below and open the game. When you are done doing those steps you will Run Imvu Credit Adder v10.1.4 VIP and choose what features you would like the hack to add to your game. We hope you will like it !

Technical information:
I Am getting Login Error?
Try to clean your cache and remove cookies
I Am getting error which shows me pop-up?
Try to install .netframe work 4 and it will not ask you anythign after that.
I want to run it on MAC Computers
Sure you c an run it on MAC as well as on Windows
Undetectable (100% Guaranted)

download button
Daily updates to ensure you that the hack is always working.