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  • Features of Facetime for PC

There are so many creative features of facetime app. It is a very simple and intrectice application having a great user interface.facetime provide to do multi user call that is video and voice.it provide you HD quality of video during calls.facetime app works on both wifi and mobile data like 2g and 3g networks. The best part of facetime is real feel of calls that’s whenever you receive call it rings like actual phone.

There is no need for a good guide to install Facetime for PC app. it is very simple and self-explanatory.


  • Facetime For PC Finally Here.

FaceTime is one of the most popular applications today, but as we all know its only available for Apple device users. Thats why we decided to make FaceTime for PC. Now all PC users can use Facetime. The app allows you to make both voice and video calls. All you have to do is download the app to your PC and you can start making calls right away 100% free.

  • FaceTime For PC Simplicity.

There are many highlighting features being offered by FaceTime for PC. It’s a simple and easy to use application that comes fully packed with great features. Users can make voice and video calls with clear sound and video. Video is recorded with HD quality that offers users crystal clear video chat sessions. The application will use the PC’s camera while making video calls. Another feature that FaceTime is famous for is its ability to allow multi-users that are listed on the list of contacts to have a conference call.