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What apps do we share?

  • We do application for facebook, iOS and Android software. They work for every profiles from facebook and every iOS and android application.

2. Do the applications work for more accounts than one?

  • Yes of course! You can use the applications for every account you want and every time you want. Not only once.

3. Will there be any problem to download all of your programs?

  • No! There won’t be any problem to get our applications. You just need to click on of the download buttons ( The are in the beginning of every post. Download should start after you click thath magic button.)

4. Can I be sure that your applications are virus-free?

  • Yes of course. We have programs free of viruses. They were scanned by many programs and you can be sure that your computer won’t be infected by any possible virus.

5. Do we have safe programs?

  • Yes. Our programs are 100% clean and you don’t have to be worried about that. We have scanned them by many antiviruses. They passed all of thoose tests.

6. Can your programs ban my games?

  • No. There is no possible way to get banned. We take care of that. Our programs can be used a lot of times and you can be sure that there will be no problem in this case.

7. How many posts do you write?

  • We want to write one post per day but sometimes somethings are more important so we can’t do that but we try to fix by writing more posts after that day which we can’t write. If you need information about adding new posts you can write us on e-mail address.

8. How can I contact with you if there will by any problem with your applications?

  • You can contact us by our e-mail address admin@procheat.net or you can write a comment on our blog. We will answer you soon as possible.

9. Do download buttons / links work on every web browser?

  • Yes. They work on any type of them. It doesn’t matter do you have chrome, mozilla, opera, safari …

10. Do your applications work on every computer systems?

  • Yes. They works on windows, mac, ubuntu or every other you have on your computer. But if there will be any problem please contact us that we can fix it.

11. Are you planning to make changes on your site in the near future?

  • It is very possible but we not sure about that. You should follow us to see if something changed or not.

​12. Do your applications have download limits?

  • Yes. It is 10 000 for every single program but after that we weill allow to download it again so you don’t have to be worried about that case you will be able to download it at any time you want and need it.

Dear user, remember that:

1. Administrators are not resposible for the content placed on the site.

2. Each file is downloaded at your own risk.

Some of the surveys is payable, some for free.

4. The individual files may contain options , which was not in the descriptions